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Mission And Vision

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Mission And Vision


Empower men and women of disadvantage communities to enhance their life quality taking responsibilities by their own in co-operative manner.

People of community living in just secular and peaceful societies, in communal harmony and with dignity, united in diversity and empowered to achieve their universal rights to basic needs and quality of life.

To undertake networking, lobbing & advocacy at local self Govt. CBO & SHG, GO, NGO to fight with solidarity the burning issues.

To establish vocational training center residential and non residential for conduct various training program for the employment of uneducated & educated unemployed, destitute, orphan, handicapped, widowed through and care & create or facilitate opportunities for their self-employment in both rural and urban areas.

To provide guidance, facilitate, assist, and encourage the communities to identify for the formation of its own organization like Self Help Group, Club, Federation, Farmers Club, villages committees, women associations, LGBT at all level of society ensuring gender justice by involving their full participation in all round of development and motivate people to assume complete responsibility for sustaining the growth of these organizations, capital formation and mobilization of local resources.

To promote & introduce sustainable agriculture practice, animal husbandry, fishery, poultry farming, goatery, mushroom cultivation, floriculture, handicrafts, handlooms, cottage industries, and other income generation activities for employment and self-employment to the rural educated and uneducated unemployed youths, women, SHG Members and backward communities.

To promote & provide environmental education, eco-development protection & promotion of environment by organizing awareness campaigns, seminars symposia and workshops with stress for create & preserve social forestry and check deforestation, encourage plantation and preservation of environment.

To undertake different activities for the welfare of the SC/ST/OBC and Minority communities, family welfare programs, and to work for the eradication of social evils, anti-social and corruption in the communities and the society will run, orphanage, old age home, family counseling centers, drug rehabilitation center etc. in rural and urban areas.

To run and establish vocational training institution for various educational activities like computer education, information technology and other forthcoming modern education technologies either through own fund or contribution from participants or in collaboration with national and International agencies to poor and weaker sections irrespective of caste, creed, race, sex, and religion.

To promote and undertake various women & Child development welfare activities such gender equality, legal awareness, counseling & assistance, nutrition & health education, creche centre, women empowerment, self employment through awareness, education, training and up-gradation of skill for their economic standard of living.

To undertake any other project/programme as per the decision of the general body of the society through a resolution from time to time.