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Capacity Building

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Capacity Building

Capacity building is a process of empowerment to enable the people to manage the activities by themselves, during and after our intervention. As a facilitator KGNT views its intervention as tool for capacity building and focuses on organization building and Human resource development.

The major thrust was to enable the community organization and women groups to secure access to civic amenities and facilities offered by the Govt.

Agencies. Most significant achievement is that formation of large number of self Help Groups of women. Women are most vulnerable section in the community who has trained by the project. KGNT successfully mobilized resources from the government agencies and also generated substantial volumes group capital within the communities.

Grain Banks have been promoted to prevent exploitation of the marginalized by money lenders during the food shortage months. During the reporting year, KGNT conducted a number capacity building training to group members and help them to develop and generate.

Organizations and groups are assisted to set up revolving funds and grain banks to finance activities and also to reduce indebt ness. A continuous process of training workshop and debates helped them to development a common understanding.

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