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Women Empowerment

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Women Empowerment Project

Empowerment is a course of action designed at shifting the nature and path of methodical force, which marginalize the vulnerable sections of women as well in giver contest. It entails elemental redeployment of influence within and between the families, the societies and other outwardly induced process of change leading at women impartiality and development. KGNT in the process of women empowerment has marginalized mammoth issues questioning at the brutality.

The framework established participation of women in the decision makes process at family, group, federation and local self Government level. Which results in women who have became more visible, vocal and active in public arena.

KGNT has taken up various methodologies like Women Driving Training, Women Masson Training, Livestock management, to women SHG to upgrade their skills and increase income generation activity.leadership training to women to through which they can be made adequate leader to lead their social life.The training included the topics like Group Dynamic, Group Behavior, Modification, Advocacy, Communication, Motivation and Personal management.

This training was organized with the cooperation of SHG members by covering 10 GPs under Komna block in the district Nuapada. Paralegal training programme was also undertaken to empower the women. The Training process was based on Information and Dissemination of Government Schemes, fisheryregarding their rights. Knowledge on Fundamental Rights, Human Rights, Women rights, Child Rights, Land & Forest Rights has been produced through this programme.

Vocational Training is the means of new earning source. KGNT has provided several vocational training to the women living in below poverty line. Training on Food Processing, Pisciculture, Four Wheeler Driving, Tailoring were given. Not only training they were also been linkage with the funding agencies for the trades for trading. KGNT has also focused on Adolescent Girls for training.

During the year the adolescent section both school going and out of school has been trained in form of Personal Hygiene, Self Reliance, Self Confidence, Life Skill Education, Savings Habit, Personal Management etc.

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